Hosting Options

serverChoosing a hosting company can leave your head scratching – which one should I choose? WebAuthorsGroup stands by the term “options” because options provide you the opportunity to compare what you need against what your budget is and that’s important to us all, right? We have researched many hosting companies and we are providing you a list of them below. These hosting companies are considered the best for wordpress platform hosting (while considering other services as well) and the data we gathered from the hosting companies websites better clarifies a decision you’re going to make. We do not rate one higher than the other because they all provide a variety of services for different pricing structures, but if you’re still unsure after visiting the hosting company websites, let us know and we’ll gather up some information from you and present you with the best option for what you’re seeking.

WP Engine
 SiteGroundInmotion HostingWP Engine HostingBluehost HostingDreamhost HostingHostgator HostingGodaddy Hosting
Plan testedStartupLaunchPersonalStarter packageShared hostingHatchling planEconomy
$ / month *$3.95 ***$3.99 ****$19.33 ****$4.95$9.95$7.16$4.99
$ / month **$3.95$3.49 ****$19.33 ****$3.49$7.95$4.86$3.99
Bandwidth10,000 visits per monthUnlimited25,000 visits per monthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free domains1001101
Marketing offers$250 ad credits$50$100 Google Adwords
* 12-month contract** 36-month contract*** just for the first year**** promo price