We understand that the internet has evolved and developing websites to create your spot on the internet now deserves more attention than ever before. This attention extends to taking an interest in YOUR business – to not only develop your website, but take it to the next level and beyond. Developing your website is only the beginning.

Design Concept

We'll share your vision and convert that concept into a website that best represents your business.

social media

We capitalize on getting you connected with various audiences in all sectors of social media related to your business.


We research your business to employ best SEO practices and get your business ranked in the SERP's


Your product line will be incorporated into an "easy-to-buy" platform with secure and fast checkout.

Graphics Design

We provide full graphics design services including logos, banners, flyers, coupons, catalogs and more.

Remote Work

Not local? No problem! We provide services to businesses nationwide via email, FTP, dropbox and more.

Paid Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is an effective tool if constructed properly and we will put together a workable campaign for you!

Link exchanges

Link & banner exchanges with businesses in your industry is not only cost-effective, but also generates leads.


Newsletters are a very effective tool for social networking as well as your existing customers which can spark news consumer interest.

developments, research & updates

Our Latest Projects

With clients who demand a quality website, WebAuthorsGroup steps up to the plate and delivers quality work providing graphics design services, SEO, marketing and modern website design services to provide the best experience for consumers and increasing our client’s ROI – A win-win for the sides.

More Than Just Providing Design Services

Have You Considered Retainer Services For Your Company?

Let’s face it, wouldn’t it be nice to just pick up the phone and talk to the one person who knows everything about your company, website and accounts? It’s a comfort zone that most companies should acquire and the most important factor is that your company will SAVE MONEY EVERY MONTH with us because you’re not paying a salary to an employee (not to mention offering benefits which adds to your cost) to deliver all these services to you – this is a win-win for both parties! You only pay a fixed amount every month and at a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee!

WebAuthorsGroup just doesn’t build quality websites – we build (or rebuild) the stepping stone OF your website and excel it to the next level of your business goals. More customers – more revenue – more growth. You have access to many resources we offer to reach your business goals. So let’s take the next step…Give us a call @ (203) 982-9999 or email us. Let’s discuss what you need, what we can offer you and make an executive decision to put a plan of action together. So what do you say? 🙂

Let’s bullet-point the benefits you receive with our retainer services:

  • Working with someone who understands your industry and branding will save time and permits us to provide and deliver better content. We deliver the results you expect!
  • You have PRIORITY access to us – no need for concern if we’ve obtained another project and can’t tend to your needs – your needs will come first.
  • You pick and choose what services you want! We won’t hold you to specific services we want to offer you.
  • You’ll work with someone who actually wants to help IMPROVE upon your business and generate more customers and/or revenue. Tell us your business goals and we’ll help you achieve those goals!
  • “Anytime” tech support – no need to call this person for this question or call this department for another question . . . we’re your one phone call stop for everything (ok, everything within the scope of what we’re hired for 🙂
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